Terms and Conditions for Providers

For a manual on how to add or edit events, use the Provider Manual.


TICPD is a portal to CPD offerings for translators and interpreters in Australia. Whilst TICPD does not make any statements regarding the quality and usefulness of the events posted on its website, it nonetheless aims to only list events which it regards as useful and of sufficient quality to professional translators and interpreters.

Eligibility of Providers

In order to achieve the stated purpose, only providers in the following categories are eligible to hold accounts on, and post events to, TICPD:

  1. Educational institutions that are AUSIT Affiliates (i.e. universities and TAFE colleges)
  2. Other professional associations such as ASLIA
  3. Other providers invited by AUSIT

TICPD may terminate any account of any provider at any time.

Providers within any of the above categories are provided with one account on TICPD. Providers who feel that they belong to any of the above categories but have not been offered an account should contact TICPD.

Standard of events being advertised

Minimum standards apply, including professional quality, accessibility for Australian-based practitioners, currency and applicability to the translation and interpreting industry. In addition, each event can only be posted once (reposting the same event for the purpose of creating a “reminder” is not allowed). TICPD reserves the right to change or refuse to publish any submissions.

Editorial Standards

Account holders are to abide by editorial standards in force at any given time. Account holders found abusing the system may be barred from posting at the discretion of TICPD. Unacceptable behaviour includes spamming, flooding, posting negative reports about other providers, commenting on own submissions, coercing attendants to provide positive feedback, manipulating submissions so that they appear on top of the listings or in more than one category, hacking, using the site to manage your events rather than making their existence known, copying and republishing submissions, violating the copyright provisions of the site, breaching the AUSIT Code of Ethics, and any other activities considered to be malicious by TICPD.


TICPD is designed as a self-service portal, AUSIT lacks the resources to accommodate excessive requests by providers and account holders. It is expected that account holders have some experience in adding and editing WordPress posts. This website is not created to replace or act as a website of the provider, hence the number of entries per user is limited to a reasonable quantity. Consider posting a summary on TICPD rather than link individual pages or products from TICPD.

Last But Not Least

Account holders agree to abide by the instructions provided by TICPD, even if that means retracting submissions or being barred from adding entries to the site.