Manual for Providers

For terms and conditions to use this portal, please visit the provider page.

Adding a New Event

In order to add a new event, please go through the following steps:

  1. Login (if you are not already logged in) using the Log In section in the side bar
  2. Select [Add new event] in the Log In section in the side bar
  3. Complete the fields in the form:
    1. Title (required)
    2. Event start date (required). Only enter the date, not the time. The time needs to be indicated in the main body of the event
    3. Event end date (for events lasting more than 1 day)
    4. Event registration date (if registration is required)
    5. Location (if desired)
    6. Add media (such as a file) … please note that availability of this function is subject to review at this stage
    7. Enter the main body of text for the event
    8. Excerpt: a very brief summary that is shown in the calendar view. If you dont see the excerpt field, click on “screen options” at the top of the page and tick excerpt.
    9. Categories: select the state (or online / international) where your event is held. This is important as it allows your event to be found using the search by location functionality
    10. Tags: not currently in use
  4. Hit the blue [Publish] button to publish your event
  5. You can view your new event by using the “Post published. View post” link